The materials used in B&G Sheds buildings have warranties that flow through from their suppliers. For our customer's peace of mind, all buildings use genuine Australian made products from Bluescope Steel and roller doors are from B&D Doors.

Our suppliers all have different warranties that vary from 1 yr to 25yrs, but most of the materials are Purlins and Colorbond Roofing materials which come from Lysaght / Bluescope. In general:

  • BlueScope Steel offers a warranty of up to 15 years* from the date of installation against corrosion to perforation by weathering in the natural elements, when used as roofing and walling for sheds and domestic garage applications located greater than one kilometre from a marine environment only. It applies to the following products when used in shed and large domestic garage applications (covering an area of not less than 18 square metres). Their warranty is attached below.
  • B&D Doors offer warranty on all rolling door and panel door products. Their warranty is attached below.

All buildings supplied by B&G Sheds are engineer designed and come with Plans and a Compliance Certificate which warrants the design for 6.5 yrs. That warranty is backed by the engineer's professional indemnity insurance.

Our installation crews warranty their work for a period of 12 months after installation. Any warranty claims should be reported directly to B&G Sheds. 

Note : Warranty terms and conditions apply. Warranties are not available for all products and applications. The duration and terms and conditions of available warranties vary according to product use and application.

BlueScope Steel Warranty  

This warranty is only applicable to a professionally designed and constructed enclosed light industrial structure, erected on a concrete slab footing, utilising COLORBOND steel roofing with base metal thickness of 0.42 or greater and walling with base metal thickness of 0.35mm or greater and covering an area of not less than 36 sqm. 

  1. The product is installed in accordance with the manufacturers published fixing recommendations, these being in according with AS/NZS current at the time of installation.
  2. Installation is greater than 1 km from marine or industrial environments.
  3. The product has an official BlueScope Steel COLORBOND steel brand.
  4. All flashings and components fixed to the roof must be either manufactured from COLORBOND steel or ZINCALUME steel, aluminium, zinc or other BlueScope Steel approved material in accordance the BlueScope Steel recommendations.
  5. The BlueScope Seel pain finish as supplied must not be scratched, abraded or damaged in any way, or coated with an incompatible material.
  6. All fasteners used for fixing COLORBOND steel are to be in accordance with BlueScope Steel recommendations.
  7. Sheltered areas or areas unwashed by rain exposure must be washed down on a regular 6 monthly basis in accordance with BlueScope Steel recommendations.  Corrosion arising in unwashed areas will not be covered by the warranty.
  8. Wall sheeting must not be used as concrete formwork or be immersed during construction or immersed during general exposure.
  9. Perforations partly or wholly due to the following causes are not covered by this warranty:
    • Mechanical, chemical, corrosion or other damage sustained during transport handling, storage, erection or subsequent to erection.
    • Attack from chemical agents, fumes, liquids or solids other than direct rain falling onto the product under warranty.
    • Contact with concrete, mortar, bitumen, soils, ashes, fertilizers or other moisture retaining substances.
    • Immersion as a result of flood or sub standard site drainage.
    • Failure to provide a free drip edge to all sheeting.
    • Areas in metallic contact with lead or copper or subject to the run-off from lead or copper flashing and pipes.
    • Failure to remove debris and/or failure to provide free drainage of water including internal condensation from all surfaces of the product.
    • Deterioration of the sheet caused by contact with green, wet or treated timbers.
    • Installations subject to unusually corrosive environments at any time in the future.
    • Storm and tempest or other acts of God.

Should perforation by natural weathering occur less than the warranted period, BlueScope Steel's liability shall be limited exclusively to the pro-rata share of the product replacement of the affect portion as follows:

Replacement product will be supplied at a discount, which bears the same ratio to the then current price as that part of the warranty period not achieved bears to the full warranty period.

BlueScope Steel shall only be liable for:

  • The cost of replacing the product.
  • The cost of obtaining equivalent product; or
  • The cost of having the project repaired

Whichever is the lowest.

BlueScope Steel shall not be liable for:

  • Labour costs associated with the installation or removal of affected product or the fixing of replacement sheets; or
  • Injury to persons, or damage to property or consequential losses arising from the use of the product.

BlueScope Steel extends this warranty solely to the manufacturer.

BlueScope Steel reserves the right to inspect a building prior to issuing of the warranty.

This warranty is given in lieu of all other considerations or warranties expressed or implied except to the extent that any statute applicable to this contract prevents the exclusion restrictions or modification of such conditions or warranties.

Please visit the BlueScope Steel website to review all terms and conditions of this warranty.

Galvaspan Structural Steel (high tensile 450 MPa)

ZINCALUME® steel Sheeting is non-combustible and termite resistant

COLORBOND® steel sheeting available in 20 modern colours and featuring superior oven-baked finish that resists chipping, peeling and cracking.

B&D Doors Warranty  

It's important you have peace of mind when you purchase a Garage or Shed, that's why we use B&D doors. They are the best garage door company in the business, and all of their doors come with a warranty. B&D warrants that it will, at its option, either repair or replace (in a manner B&D considers reasonable e.g. touch up of surface coatings) any proven defects:

  • In installation for a period of one year from the date of installation where the Product has been installed by B&D – this warranty does not extend to installation by approved distributors;
  • All doors in normal residential and industrial/commercial use are covered by a 1 year warranty on all surface coatings (other than the appearance or grain of the timber finish for B&D Natural Timber Doors or timber look doors);
  • In materials, manufacture or workmanship in the Product, as follows, for:
    • B&D Residential Overhead Doors (including Flex-A-Door, but excluding the doors listed individually below) – in normal residential use are covered by a 1 year warranty for all components and associated labour;
    • B&D Rolling Doors – in normal residential and industrial/commercial use, are covered by a 1 year warranty on locking mechanism and all other components (excluding steel door curtain and associated labour). Warranty for steel door curtain, covering steel cracking and lock seam failure and associated labour is covered for
      Roll-A-Door – 7 years,
      Firmadoor Roll-Up door – 3 years,
      Rollmasta – 1 year
    • B&D Panelift® Doors – in normal residential use are covered by a 3 year warranty for all components and associated labour
    • B&D Panelift® Icon™ Doors – in normal residential use are covered by a 5 year warranty for all components and associated labour, subject to paragraph 4. If you have purchased the 2 year extended warranty, all the warranty terms and conditions for the Panelift® Icon™ will be extended for a further 2 years at the conclusion of the standard 5 year warranty period, subject to the terms of this warranty certificate;
    • B&D Natural Timber Doors – in normal residential use, are covered by a 1 year warranty on the structural integrity of the door and associated labour.
      No warranty is provided on final quality of the look or finish of timber;
    • B&D Industrial/Commercial Doors – in normal use, are covered by a 1 year warranty for all components and associated labour; and in each case the warranty applies from the later of the date of purchase, delivery or installation by B&D or an approved distributor (as applicable).                        

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