General Project Advice

  • It is important to know whether or not a permit is required to legally build your structure. Building permits are always required for buildings in excess of 10 Mt2.  See Permits
  • If a permit is required it is important that you are aware that it can take anywhere between two weeks and six months for your permit to be approved (depending on the types of permit you need, and the authorities and council you are dealing with). See Permits
  • Never pour a concrete floor before you have a building permit approved. The floor requires inspections and will not be legal unless inspected prior to the pour. Taking photos of the boxing, footings and mesh prior to the pour will not be accepted. A standard building permit covering the concrete floor cannot be issued after the floor has been laid. See Permits
  • A concrete floor for a shed or garage will be at least 50mm above any other concrete floor such as pathways or driveways. Exterior concrete is usually done as a second pour. See Concrete
  • When pouring a concrete floor, it is always better to pour your floor before you erect your shed.
  • If the concrete is poured after, there will most likely be corrosion issues which are not covered by your Bluescope warranty. Concrete in contact with the Colorbond or Zincalume material, voids the Bluescope warranty. See FAQ or Warranties
  • Concrete floor prices are given based on clear access, level ground and use Melbourne Metro supply costs. Site preparation using bobcats, excavators and/or tip trucks is not included unless specifically quoted for. If your site does not meet all of these conditions, our friendly concreters can always help you out! They will visit your site and give you a fixed cost for all works before the jobs starts. See Concrete or FAQ

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