Options Available

Customize your shed or garage to suit your needs. Use the list below to design the perfect shed or garage for your application.

Main Doors

Roller Doors

All Roller doors supplied by B&G Sheds are manufactured exclusively by B&D Doors due to our approval of their consistent quality, high standards and reliable heavy duty construction. They are smoother due to the Nylofelt running strips, quieter due to the precision springing and pressed door curtain and stronger due to a pressed steel drum and steel stops, Larger doors are delivered and installed direct from B&D Doors. Roller doors can be offset if required at no extra cost.

Remote Control Motors And Handsets

A full range of Merlin domestic and B&D industrial motors and handsets are available for easier operation.

Automatic Opener Handsets (Remotes)

Each remote control comes with one handset. Extra handsets are available either as standard handsets or key chain style.

Removable Mullions

B&D Rolladoors in conjunction with a removable mullion makes it possible to have openings up to 6.0 Mt wide.  Two smaller doors rather than one big door provide for individual low effort operation. When a larger opening is required, the mullion can simply be disengaged and removed to provide an unrestricted full width opening.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are all tubing framed and come complete with flashings above the door to prevent weather and to hide the brackets and tracks etc.  Each door has 3 guides. Each door comes complete with a locking handle that drives a shaft vertically into the concrete floor.  All brackets, trolleys and tracks are Eltrak equipment and are designed to light industrial standards (i.e. 200kg per door).

Panelift Doors (Sectional Overhead Doors)

We provide a the full range of B&D Panelift Doors (Sectional Overhead Doors) A range of elegant  patterned designs, accentuated with a wood grain texture embossing, will enhance the appearance of any garage.


Not available due to the unsafe and unreliable nature of tiltadoors. They regularly get caught in the wind and slam shut or open. They are dangerous and loose their adjustment easily.

Swing Doors

Not available due to the unsafe nature of swing doors. They regularly get caught in the wind and rip off the shed.

Stable Doors

  • Dutch Style Stable Doors on fully welded 40x40x1.6 Supagal frame.
  • Lined with 17mm CD grade structural ply.
  • Uses heavy duty Goliath welded hinges and top and bottom pad bolts.

A full range of doors and screens for stable fit outs are available.

Personal Access Doors

Standard Personal Access Door

B&G Sheds' standard personal access door comes with an external locking handle and an internal handle.  The door comes complete in its own frame and can be cut into the shed at any position you require.  The exact position does not need to be decided until you are on site.    We are able to hinge the door on the left hand side or the right hand side.  Extra doors are available at your request.  (Price on application.)

Larnec Doors

B&G Sheds also supply a range of pre-hung LARNEC access doors. These doors can be fitted left or right hand. They have a flat sheet Colorbond skin, an entrance knob set handle with push button internal locking and external key lock, and its own fully powder coated frame. It is available swinging internal or external. Doubles, glass inserts and other specials are also available upon request.

Windows / Glass Doors

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are optional and may be supplied in a wide variety of sizes.  Sliding windows give more light, are weather tight and look great.  Three sizes are considered as standard 600H x 900W, 900H x 1200H and 900H x 1800W. Powder coating colours available include Primrose, White, Caulfield Green, Rivergum and Grey. All sliding windows include top and bottom drip flashings and side edge flashings.

Glass Sliding Doors

Glass sliding doors are available in the following sizes 2100H x 1800W, 2100H x 2100H and 2100H x 2400W. Powder coating colours available include Primrose, White, Caulfield Green, Rivergum and Grey. All sliding windows include top and bottom drip flashings and side edge flashings.

Barn Style Window

Glass barn style apex windows are available in size 600h x 900w. Powder coating colours available include Primrose, White, Caulfield Green, Rivergum and Grey. Barn windows are fixed pane and include top and bottom drip flashings and side edge flashings.


Skylights are available in either Polycarbonate or Fibreglass in 4oz, 6oz or 8oz material.  One thing to beware of is that skylights transmit light and heat.  Therefore take care not to put too many in the roof area.  Two skylights per 6.0 Mt of building length is considered as normal (Price on application).

Insulation & Ventilation


Antiglare Sisalation with support mesh is often supplied when protecting against transmitted heat or condensation. 50mm insulation blanket with support mesh is used when greater thermal protection is required.  A new product called Aircell also available which has up to a 5 star energy rating.


To release heat from the roof space we provide Wall Vents, Spinnaway extractor fans and a range of Roof Ridge Vents. 

General Inclusions

Spouting, Downpipies And Barge Capping

B&G Sheds use the superior finish 125mm (5") square Trimline gutter, a matching Trimline barge capping profile and a 100mm X 50mm (4" X 2") square downpipe (most garages only use the cheaper Quad gutter).  The clean, stylish look of the gutter is combined with a large water carrying capacity. All gutter brackets are internal and the finished look is more attractive and easier to install.


All standard garages have the wall cladding fixed to galvanised steel girts using 10 x 16 Class 3 Tek screws without a neoprene washer.  The roof cladding is also fixed to galvanised steel roof purlins using 12 x 45 Class 3 Tek screws with a neoprene washer.  The wall girts and roof purlins are fixed to the frame using 12 x 20 Class 3 Tek screws without washers. All screws are supplied with matching painted heads when fixing to Colorbond cladding and flashings.

The "Factory Finish" Option

B&G Shed's exclusive Factory finish upgrade option improves the outside appearance of the shed by using higher strength materials. The Factory Finish is recommended for most Farm Sheds and larger Garages.

Standard Finish

The Standard Finish supplied in any garage or farm shed uses BHP Multiclad 0.40mm wall cladding and BHP Corrugated 0.47mm roof cladding.  The corner flashings are 3 bend 50 x 75mm.

Factory Finish

Our Factory Finish upgrade uses BHP Trimdek 0.47mm wall cladding to provide greater strength, stability and improved appearance.  The roof cladding can also be changed from Corrugated To Trimdek to give a more industrial look. The corner flashings are changed to 5 bend 150 x 100 to suit the larger profile.

Vermin Flashings

Vermin flashing can be fitted to the bottom of the wall sheets to stop any potential of vermin, wind, dust etc coming in through the ribs of the wall cladding.


All deliveries of B&G Sheds' buildings are made on B&G Sheds' own crane truck.  In doing this we guarantee the delivery of your building in prime condition right onto your property. Our tray trucks have been customised to maximise efficiency and safety to ensure protection of your building.

Erection Work

B&G Sheds has several teams of well trained qualified concreters and installers ready to erect your shed at a fixed price(subject to contract conditions).  The concrete floor is done to an exacting B&G Sheds specification and can be finished to suit your surface requirements.


At our office in Point Cook, we have full time sales and technical support consultants with a depth of knowledge and experience in the industry.  From there we coordinate permits, concrete works, transport of buildings to site and the installation of your building. For kit only purchasers erecting their buildings, we are open 6 days a week.

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