Concrete Slabs for Sheds

Looking for concrete shed floor?

Our concreters at B&G Sheds are very experienced and have been in the concreting industry for in excess of 20 years. Some of our teams have been with us in excess of 20 years.

They have a wide range of experience in projects spread over Domestic, Rural and Commercial properties. No project is too big or too small! For all your needs for concrete slab for shed base, you can rely on us for the best outcome. We can provide the finest shed concrete slab based on the needs of your space.

Should I lay a concrete floor first or last?

Our recommendation is that all steel buildings have the slab laid first. The reasons being:

  • Concrete is very corrosive. If a concrete floor is poured after competition of the building, there will be corrosion of the cladding around the bottom 300mm or so of the wall sheets. Bluescope Lysaght will also void their Colorbond warranty if any part of the wall cladding is stuck to concrete.
  • By laying the concrete floor first, the concreter is able to properly box the concrete and finish it to a professional standard. Infill slabs poured afterwards never come up to the same standard.
  • All our slabs are laid completely level, so it is easier for the concreter to deal with site fall and customers other requirements eg: drains.
  • The side wall cladding overlaps the concrete floor by 30-40mm and therefore will always be waterproof. If required, "vermin flashings" are available to prevent dust and vermin coming into the building.
  • If the concrete floor is not laid first with the foundations, a set of footings pads will have to be laid first to attached the building to. If you add the cost of the foundations to the cost of a slab poured later, you will see that it exceeds the cost of doing both at the start.

Is this a fixed contract price?

There is potential for the contract price to vary because not all sites are within the quoted conditions:

  • When the site is not level within 75mm
  • When there is no clear access for a 6 Mt concrete truck to reach the side of the slab area
  • When outside of Melbourne Metro areas the cost of concrete will vary. Concrete floors are calculated using a concrete supply cost of $180/M3. In those areas, the extra cost of local supply will be determined and quoted to our during the concreters site inspection.
  • After the concreters site inspection, all unknowns will be quoted for and the concrete floor costs will then be fixed.
  • When there is no power and generators are then required. Both the concreter and building contractor will need power.

Want to know more about our concrete shed floors?

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to take you through the range of options that we have.

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