Payment Terms

Once an order is placed, the Customer will receive a Summary of Works which will specify all details of the building and work taking place. In that document there will be a Payment Schedule which specifies what amounts are to be paid, when they are due and to whom they are paid.

In General

Deposit Approx 30% of Kit Value Due at the time of ordering
Concrete Cost of all concrete works Due upon completion of concrete
Kit Balance of Kit & Permits Due 3 days prior to Delivery /Pickup date
Installation Balance of Installation Due upon completion of installation
(Larger jobs may have progress payments)

Payment Types

We accept Cash, Direct Deposit, Credit Cards (Visa or Mastercard only), Bank Cheque or pre-cleared Personal Cheques.

Title to Materials

The client shall be responsible for the safety and security of all materials once delivered to the site. The packs of materials are usually shrink wrapped, steel banded and very heavy and are therefore unlikely to be stolen. The driver will help you store any lose items in a safe area. However, if you are still concerned, you should consider taking out insurance against theft or damage.

Late Payments and Non-Payments

If the client is late in making any payment, B&G Sheds may elect to charge interest at the rate of 13% per annum calculated daily until the payment is made. Property in the form of goods, materials and services shall only pass to the Customer upon payment of all outstanding amounts.

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