B&G Permit Services

Owner Builder Service

B&G Sheds offer a permit service in which it acts as the Agent of Owner. When applying for your building permit we will:

  • Prepare your site plan using information supplied by the owner and/or satellite images.
  • Prepare an Elevation drawing of your exact building
  • Prepare building plans, computations and Certificate of Compliance for the building surveyor.
  • Download a current copy of your Title, Plan of Subdivision, Covenants and Agreements
  • Check for other permits that may also be required e.g. Town Planning, Build Over Easement permissions from the relevant statutory authorities, Council Report & Consent.
  • Submit the application to the building surveyor and pay his fee, council lodgements fees and the State Government Levy and HIH Building levy.
  • Communicate with the owner throughout as required and at the key progress points.
  • Send the owner the original approved stamped building permits and supporting documents and take a copy for our files.

Registered Builder Service

Should the owner wish to conduct the project through a Registered Building Practitioner, the following will also be done:

  •  The Registered Builder will visit the site and check the agreement details.
  • The Registered Builder will prepare a Major Domestic Building Contract.
  • If the project is in excess of $12,000, the Registered Builder will obtain Domestic Building Insurance for the project.

A fee for this service will be quoted separately and noted as the Registered Builders Service. 

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